ERICCO New product launch: The new IMU enables excellent performance of gyro tools/logging tools

This week, ERICCO announced the release of ER-MIMU-09, a new Inertial Mesurement Unit (IMU), which is mainly used in gyro tools and directional drilling tools, providing new solutions for oil logging, mining, mapping and other fields.

This is the first dedicated IMU for drilling and drilling tools in all ERICCO IMU product series, which mainly realizes the breakthrough of operating temperature and appearance size, and can accurately output angular rate information and acceleration information in a smaller diameter and a wider full temperature range, providing strong support for customers to solve the azimuth angle, attitude angle, position and other information.

ER-MIMU-09 is divided into two types: normal temperature type ER-MIMU-09A and high temperature type ER-MIMU-09H.

The main functions and advantages of ER-MIMU-09:

1.Smaller size

With a diameter of 30mm and a size of φ30×120mm, ER-MIMU-09 is suitable for customers who have more stringent requirements for measuring tool pipe diameters.

2.High performance MEMS sensors

ER-MIMU-09 pairs high-performance three-axis MEMS gyroscope and three-axis MEMS accelerometer, where MEMS gyroscope bias instability is 0.01-0.02deg/hr, angle random walk <0.005~0.025°/√h. MEMS accelerometer bias instability <10μg, zero bias monthly repeatability <300μg.

3.Can work in high temperature and harsh environment

ER-MIMU-09 provides full temperature compensation for high-performance three-axis MEMS gyroscope and three-axis MEMS accelerometer, which can accurately output rate and acceleration information at any temperature point in the operating range. The operating temperature of ER-MIMU-09A is -40℃~+80℃, and that of ER-MIMU-09H is -40℃~+125℃.

4.Mainly for gyro tools/directional drilling tools, accurate output of angular rate information and acceleration information.

ERICCO has an excellent R & D team, IMUs have a professional and efficient product line as the main self-developed products.

For more information about ER-MIMU-09, please visit:

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