Ring Laser Gyroscope

In recent years, with the rapid development of photovoltaic technology, collection of optical, mechanical and electrical “trinity” of new laser gyro has been developed rapidly, and it is widely used in the area of armed forces day. Ring laser gyro is also known as the vast sea of “positioning artifact”.

Ring laser gyro can provide all kinds of craft and precision-guided weapons with real-time information such as heading, speed, height, and greatly enhance the accuracy of precision guided weapon; Providing mobile launch ballistic missiles, cruise missiles with azimuth benchmark, make them fast positioning, accurate, from hitting their targets. In addition, you can for ships, submarines and torpedoes heading, speed and position, such as benchmark data, they do not depend on any external information, real-time navigation can independently.

In the civil field, Ring laser gyro IMU and Ring laser gyro INS as the spacecraft attitude and orbit control system an important part of the inertial guidance system can be used to launch vehicle, or mounted on a telescope to provide real-time angle coordinate information, also can use super Ring laser gyro observed seismic wave information, solid tidal effects on the ground and measuring gravitational waves, etc.

Predictably, with the increasingly perfecting of Ring laser gyro technology, it also will be more broad, the application scope of will in the future war and enormous influence our daily life.

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