Application of Three-axis Accelerometer and Three-axis Gyroscope

The current accelerometers are available in a variety of ways. They can be divided into piezoelectric, capacitive and thermal sensing. They are classified according to the number of input axes. There are single-axis, dual-axis and three-axis accelerometers. The three-axis accelerometer has Small size and light weight, it can measure space acceleration, can fully and accurately reflect the motion properties of objects, and is widely used in aerospace, robotics, automotive and medical fields.

Taking mobile phones as an example, most of the current smart phones use a three-axis gyroscope device, and its main function is to use the game control. With the three-axis gyroscope, we only need to change the direction of the mobile phone to achieve the purpose of changing direction. The balance ball game shown below is the principle of applying the gyroscope. It completely abandons the previous control method of controlling the game through the direction buttons, making the game more realistic and more flexible.

ERICCO is a professional sensor manufacturer in China. It has self-developed gyro sensors, accelerometers, tilt sensors, magnetic compasses, etc. It mainly provides users with inertial navigation systems, integrated navigation systems, IMU, and attitude systems. Sensors and IoT product solutions.

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