Possible Problems And Solutions For Shallow Testing Of MWD Instruments

Phenomenon: The shallow test of the instrument is normal. After working for a period of time in the well, the signal is getting weaker.

Reason: 1: The sensor is blocked.

2: Mud displacement exceeds the normal range of variation.

3: The viscosity of the mud becomes larger or the specific gravity becomes smaller.

4: The pump pressure is reduced.

5: The rotor eccentric wear speed is reduced.

6: The pulser telescopic sleeve becomes larger due to the high temperature.

7: The outer diameter of the mushroom head becomes smaller or the inner diameter of the restrictor ring becomes larger.

8: Fall into foreign bodies.

9: The filter block pump pressure rises.

10: The temperature at the bottom of the well exceeds the standard, causing the probe or pulse generator to not work properly.

Solution: 1: Replace the pressure sensor.

2: Adjust the displacement.

3: Treat the mud and reduce the viscosity.

4: Large-scale activity drilling tools.

5: Replace the downhole equipment.

6: Repair the mud pump.

7: Replace the probe if the bottom hole temperature is too high.

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