Ericco New product launch:the New North Seeker Indicates the Direction of Petroleum Mining

On April 12, 2024, Ericco Inertial Systems launched a new MEMS north seeker, which is mainly used in oil mining and can provide a new north finding solution for coal mining, logging drilling and other fields.


ER-MNS-09 is the first anomalous north seeker in the current MEMS north seeker series, achieving a breakthrough in the appearance and size of traditional north seeker. It can accurately output angular rate information and acceleration information in a smaller diameter and a wider whole temperature range, providing strong support for customers to solve the azimuth angle, attitude angle, position and other information. Secondly, it can complete the initial alignment and attitude holding functions, and output the carrier attitude reference value in real time.


The main functions and advantages of ER-MNS-09

1.Small size, light weight. ER-MNS-09 size 120mm xΦ30mm, weight ≤150g, can be placed in the probe pipe, is the mining, underground survey engineering "weather vane".

2.Self-alignment function. This kind of mining north seeker determines the azimuth of its relative geographical coordinate system by its own working principle, and finds the true north direction, which reduces the labor cost and provides guarantee for the normal operation of the project to a great extent.

3.High-performance MEMS inertial devices. ER-MNS-09 is equipped with high-performance three-axis MEMS gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, wherein MEMS gyroscope zero bias stability full temperature (10S smooth): ≤0.1°/h; MEMS accelerometer zero bias stability (1σ) : ≤0.03mg.

4.Environmental adaptability. Meet the shearers and other vibration impact environment and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

5.Mainly for mining, oil drilling, accurately output angular rate information and acceleration information.


As an inertial product independently developed by Ericco Company, north seeker has a solid theoretical foundation and mature research and development technology in north finding, orientation, attitude measurement, navigation and other aspects.


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