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  • ER-102 High Precision Antenna

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    ER-102 High Precision Antenna

    1. With small antenna, high efficiency directional and positioning solutions;
    2. Provides heading, positioning, heave, roll, and pitch;
    3. Excellent in-band and out-of-band interference rejection;
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  • ER-Universal Measuring Antenna

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    ER-Universal Measuring Antenna

    The universal measuring antenna is the standard antenna for the traditional split RTK products and covers single-satellite single-frequency, dual-satellite dual-band, dual-satellite quad-band, binary five-band, binary six-band, Samsung four- band, Samsung six- band, Samsung seven-band, Multiple...Read More

  • ER-Small Measurement Antenna

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    ER-Small Measurement Antenna

    Small measurement antennas are small size and exquisite workmanship, which is the preferred product of external antenna for hand-holding equipment.This series of antenna cover single single frequency, single star dual-band, binary frequency, samsung, samsung seven frequency, full frequency and...Read More

  • ER-3D Reference Station Antenna

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    ER-3D Reference Station Antenna

    The 3D reference station antenna is designed with international advanced 3D structure chokes, equipped with anti-multipurpose choke, waterproof and UV-resistant cover, stable phase center, high positioning accuracy and low elevation receiving effect. It has passed the NGS Authoritative test....Read More

  • ER-2D Reference Station Antenna

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    ER-2D Reference Station Antenna

    2D reference station antenna using traditional 2D choke design, the product covers Binary four frequency, Samsung six frequency, Samsung seven frequency and other frequency points, with multi-path suppression technology, you can ease the multipath effect on the positioning accuracy of...Read More

  • ER-Light Aviation Antenna

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    ER-Light Aviation Antenna

    Light aviation antenna with lightweight design, small size, light weight, suitable for use in areas with strict weight requirements, such as aerospace, aviation dispatch and other fields. Technical characteristics 1 . low noise amplifier gain, with a longer cable mating 2 . the outer cover with...Read More

  • ER-5521 High Precision Antenna

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    ER-5521 High Precision Antenna

    ER-5521 High Precision Antenna The GNSS ER-5521 integrated antenna module is used for the high precision handset, which includes the OEM GNSS board. It supports dual band GPS/GLONASS/BDS, also it is one of the best choices for portable GNSS device applications. • Embedded dual band GNSS receiver...Read More

ERICCO is expert in high quality antenna manufacturing and selling, who is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of antenna with high precision. We have a professional factory at your service.