China’s First Polar Remote Sensing Small Satellite Has Acquired More Than 2500 Images

China’s first small polar remote sensing satellite “Jingshi-1” was in orbit on the 12th for the first anniversary. So far, it has acquired 2,501 images, including 850 images of the Antarctic ice sheet and 1,025 images of the North Pole. According to the satellite data released by the R&D team in Beijing on the 12th, since its launch into orbit, the “Jingshi-1” has produced more than 240 scenes of high-quality and low-level Yunnan Arctic Class 1 remote sensing data with a resolution of 80 meters. The above data can be downloaded for free by users.

It is reported that the “Jingshi-1” satellite is suitable for polar and mid-latitude environmental monitoring. Its main load is a high-dynamic scene wide-format camera specially designed for polar observation, which can automatically perform long and short exposures on the same object. Output the fused image. This technology can effectively improve the imaging effect of high-dynamic scenes where ice, snow, and land water simultaneously exist.


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