What’s the Advantages of ​Fiber Optic Gyroscope?

Fiber Optic Gyroscope is a kind of all-solid optical gyroscope, its has the following main advantages:

l Without moving parts, the instrument is firm and stable. Fixed and stable, impact resistant and insensitive to acceleration;

l Simple structure, few parts, low price;

l The start-up time is short.(the principle can be started instantly);

l The detection sensitivity and resolution are extremely high (up to 10rad/s);

l    Fiber Optic Gyroscope can be directly used for digital output and connected with computer interface;

l The range of dynamic range is extremely wide (about 2000 degrees /s);

l Long life, stable and reliable signal;

l    Fiber Optic Gyroscope is easy to adopt integrated optical path technology;

l The negative effect caused by the laser gyro lock is overcome;

l    Fiber Optic Gyroscope can be integrated with ring laser gyro to integrate the strap-type inertial system sensor.

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