What is the Beidou Farm Machine Automatic Driving System

The Beidou farm machine automatic driving system, in another word, the Beidou’s positioning signal is used to design the movement track of vehicle, during the vehicle operation, it can utilize the location information, attitude information, course angle information and sensor information of vehicles, and through controlling hydraulic system to realize a purpose that control steering of tractor according to the design route.

The automatic driving system consists of following parts, such as the monitor, controller, hydraulic valve, angular sensor, receiver, satellite antenna and matching cable. Each of them plays its part and works closely together.

Monitor-the main function is system debugging, display system status and user interface

Controller-integrated satellite signal, vehicle attitude signal, sensor signal, output control signal

Hydraulic valve-to change the flow and flow direction of hydraulic oil in the direction system according to the signal given by the control, and then change the driving direction of the vehicle

Angle sensor-the steering angle of the real-time induction vehicle steering wheel

Satellite antenna– reception of signals from the Beidou satellite

Receiver–real-time solution of satellite signal, output location information

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