The Main Features of Global Position System

High positioning accuracy.The positioning accuracy is better than 10m, and the difference location is adopted. The precision can reach the centimeter and the millimeter.

The function is much, the application is wide.

The characteristics of GPS system: high precision, all-weather, high efficiency, multi-function, easy to operate, widely used, etc.

1. High positioning accuracy

The application practice has shown that the GPS relative positioning accuracy can reach 10-6,100-500km within 50KM and can reach 10 to 7, 000 KM up to 10-9.In 300-1500 – m engineering precision positioning, the solution to the observation of more than 1 hour the plane the plane position error is less than 1 mm, have to side length measurement with the ME – 5000 electromagnetic wave range finder, the side length up to 0.5 mm, poor school difference of error is 0.3 mm.

2. Short observation time

With the continuous improvement of the GPS system and the continuous updating of the software, the relatively static positioning within 20KM is only 15-20 minutes. Rapid static relative positioning measurement, when each rover with benchmark station within 15 km apart, rover observation time only for 1-2 minutes, then may at any time, each station observation for a few seconds.

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