The Difference and Selection of Gyroscope and Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor (inclinometer) is induced tilt deviation angle, and only data feedback without command feedback. The gyroscope is the induction action variable, and then controls the steering gear to repair the movement command.

Gyroscopes are classified including: ball bearing free gyroscope, liquid floatation gyroscope, electrostatic gyroscope, flexible gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope, laser gyroscope and so on.

Tilt sensor measures static dip angle. Compared with tilt sensor, gyroscope measures the movement of the dip angle, dip in static measurement result is not accurate. Gyroscope is not measuring equipment, it is auxiliary equipment, like a tank gun barrel in order to make the tank in the procession precision fire, which installed the gyroscope, full automatic control the Angle of the gun barrel. So we measure the angle in daily life, is to choose the angle sensor or gyroscope choice, we can choose according to the nature. Measuring the static angle, the choice of the Angle sensor; Measurement is the movement of the dip angle, then choose a gyroscope.

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