The composition of the strapdown North system

Inertial measurement components: The inertial measurement unit mainly consists of a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The gyroscope is mainly used for sensing the earth rotation speed on the sensitive axis of the gyroscope. Northwest has been realized; the accelerometer is mainly used to measure the tilt angle of the platform and compensate the measurement error of the gyroscope. Gyro and accelerometer are mounted on a tooling above, and then install the tooling on the indexing mechanism, driven by the motor, the inertia measurement module can be achieved with the indexing mechanism vertical axis continuous rotation or stop.

Leveling and indexing agencies:The function of the leveling mechanism is that when the platform of the fixed inertial measurement component is inclined to a large extent, it is adjusted to a state close to horizontal to facilitate the improvement of the accuracy of seeking a north.

Temperature control and peripheral circuits:For inertial devices that are greatly affected by ambient temperature, especially FOG, temperature control is needed to work in a relatively constant temperature environment to improve the accuracy of inertial devices.

Device bracket:When looking for a North Finder to work in the field, it needs to be fixed on a precision bracket. The external interference is transmitted to the North Seeker through the bracket to some extent, so the stability of the bracket is required to be high, and the support leg of the bracket is supported The plane to maintain a certain level of accuracy with the horizontal plane.

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