Portable Air Defense Missile is Given Priority to the Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The missile is our country the portable air defense missile which given priority to with the anti unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV in the first paragraph of the article, about 40 cm long, diameter 7 cm, plus launch system also only about 4 kilograms, are less than a usually rifles. Range in two kilometers, in attack, anti unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the battle of the fragment of the coverage area is large, just close to approach each other and no escape, and convenient carrying, it can be sensitive operations. Even if America’s leading predator drone once targeted by it, it can’t escape the fate of the plane crash.

The air defense missile was born caused the attention of all countries. Although the United States as early as before in our country developed similar missiles, but in addition to the artillery bigger power than practices, and other characteristics, let alone a drone the acrobatic skills, its practicality cannot compared to the product.

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