Photoelectric Detection and Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs)

Because the radar and infrared feature signal of UAV is weak, and it can use ground clutter and other vantage ground in super low altitude to hide its flight, meanwhile, it can be follow the pre bound procedure to fly, it’s not simply to confirm its launch point by measuring the orbit, and therefore, the detection and tracking of UAVs are more difficult than those plane.

Therefore, the combination of infrared detector, laser irradiation device and television camera is to monitor and detect the battlefield, therefore, it is an effective way to reduce the combat effectiveness by using rational method to interfere and deceive for UAV photoelectric reconnaissance devices. The photoelectric passive detection has a irreplaceable advantage on UAV defense, can detect the low flight target and radar hiding target, passive detection is not transmit signal, and better concealed, not easy be attacked by anti radiation and other weapons, high detection probability, can distinguish true and false target, small electromagnetic interference, strong anti-interference ability, good maneuverability, low cost.

Anti unmanned aerial vehicle (AUAV) can accurately detect target in defense orientation of 3000m to in advance early warning small UAV to avoid risk, when the target is entered into sensitive defense area of 500m radius, AUAV is  interfere and counter in time , contain target is further close. Finally, after the condition is control, the system automatically tracks the return flight path of the intruders, trace the origin of the operator.

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