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Navigation Technology Category

Navigation technology can be divided into radio navigation, satellite navigation, astronomy navigation, inertial navigation, terrain assisted navigation and integrated navigation, as…
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Low Cost 3 Axis FOG North Seeker

Gyro North Seeker Structure

The gyro north seeker belongs to the field of inertial measurement technology or geophysical experiments and instruments, and specifically relates to…
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The Principle of North Finder

By measuring the angular velocity of the earth's rotation,it determines autonomously the true north direction value of the attached carrier. North Finder is free…
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Gyroscope application

A gyroscope is a sensor that measures the angular or angular rate of a moving carrier and is ubiquitous around us. For example,…
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The Features of Digital Compass

Digital compass has the following features: 1. The triaxial magnetoresistive effect sensor measures the planar geomagnetic field and biaxial tilt compensation. 2.…
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