GPS Vehicle Monitoring

GPS vehicle monitoring system can understand the location, speed and transport condition of vehicle and other information in real time, and can realize nearby dispatch, distress alarm and call for help alarm, and can understand the historical transport condition of vehicle, and it can realize the data analytic statistics of operation condition of vehicle to form statistical statement. The construction of vehicle monitoring and dispatching system makes the management of vehicle more scientific and reasonable, while improving the management level, it also reduces many unnecessary expenditures.

The GPS receiver installed on the vehicle calculates the current position of vehicle based on the satellite information received, the communication controller extracts desired location, speed and time information from the signal output from the GPS receiver, and combined with vehicle identification and other information to form a data packet, and sent to the monitoring center by mobile operators of GPRS network. The server of monitoring center receives the data sent by the vehicle, and extracts positioning information from it, it‘s displayed on the electronic map of monitoring center based on the car number and group number of various vehicles. At the same time, the system administrator of control center can check the operation condition of each vehicles, and schedule the vehicle according to the traffic flow.

GPS system is a multi-funtion system with high precision, all-weather and global radio navigation positioning and timing, which is established with the development of modern science and technology. It use the satellite network of 24 satellites, more than 20,000 kilometers from earth to keep sending positioning signal to earth. Every GPS receiver on earth, as long as it receive the signal from more than 3 satellites, instantly it be calculated the state of motion of carrier, such as  longitude, latitude, altitude, time, speed, heading, ect. The position error of GPS is within 10 meters, which enables the management center to accurately understand the location of vehicle. GPS system is the core factor of this system, because of the existence of GPS system, the vehicle terminal can calculate the location of the vehicle in real time.

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