Global Satellite Navigation System

The Global Navigation Satellite System, also known as the Global Navigation Satellite System, is a space-based radio that provides users with all-weather 3D coordinates and speed and time information anywhere on the Earth’s surface or near-Earth space. Navigation positioning system.

Common systems include GPS, BDS, GLONASS and GALILEO four satellite navigation systems. The earliest appeared in the United States GPS (Global Positioning System), the most complete technology at this stage is also the GPS system. With the opening of comprehensive services for BDS and GLONASS systems in the Asia-Pacific region in recent years, especially the BDS system is developing faster and faster in the civilian sector. Satellite navigation systems have been widely used in aviation, navigation, communications, personnel tracking, consumer entertainment, mapping, timing, vehicle monitoring management, and car navigation and information services, and the overall trend is to provide high-precision services for real-time applications.

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