Classification of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

The classification of fiber optic gyroscopes can be divided into three levels: speed level, level and inertia level according to performance and application. Rate-level fiber optic gyroscopes have been industrialized and are mainly used in applications where robots, under construction tunnels, ground pipe path survey devices, and car navigation are not critical. This kind of precision gyroscope developed and produced by Japan, the country and other countries has been applied to the civilian field in large quantities. Tactical-grade fiber optic gyro has the advantages of long life, high reliability and low cost. It can be mainly used in the attitude alignment reference system of tactical missiles, medium/near medium-range missiles and commercial aircraft. The inertia-grade fiber optic gyroscope is mainly used for space positioning and submarine navigation. The development and development of it is gradually maturing. The relevant companies and research institutions in the country are the masters of the development and production of this class of fiber optic gyroscopes. The fiber optic gyroscopes are classified according to different classification standards. there are different classification results.

1. According to the structure, it can be divided into single-axis and multi-axis fiber optic gyroscopes. The multi-axis positive light of fiber gyro is one of its development directions.

2. According to the circuit type, it can be divided into open-loop fiber gyro and closed-loop fiber gyro. The open-loop fiber gyro has no feedback, and the detection light is transmitted straight out. Many complicated optical and circuit structures have simple structure.

3. According to the working principle, it can be divided into interferometric fiber optic gyroscope and vibrating fiber optic gyroscope resonator.

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