Application range of DTG logging

The DTG logging tool is a new type of precision gyro inclinometer system, which is particularly suitable for the measurement of drilling disturbances in clustered wells and infilled wells with magnetic interference and in casings or drill rods after completion.

1. Well trajectory retest

The borehole trajectory was measured after completion (or during drilling) to describe the spatial location of the wellbore and verify the drilling results. Its main measurement parameters are well angle and azimuth.

2. Drilling Direction

When the cluster well group is encrypted or the well is drilled by the drilling platform, the correct drilling direction is determined to avoid damaging the wellbore quality of the completed well.

3. Lateral drilling window orientation

Determine the correct window opening direction to avoid excessive dog legs and improve the quality of the wellbore, so as to provide a good wellbore environment for subsequent logging and perforating operations.

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