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Anti drone system of military and civilian integration

Anti drone system of the most latest version rely on a new mode with military and civilian integration, the military technology has been transformed into civilian technology, and military radar detection and photoelectric detection technology were applied to the anti drone field, which break the short slab of prevention and control system lags behind that domestic anti drone technology just deal with small and slow target, this anti drone system with high-grand technology realize leapfrog development of anti drone technology field in China.


It’s introduced that this anti-drone system consists of multi-function armored car, radar, photoelectric tracker, disposition device, command communication device, system support device and other component. The anti drone system can achieve whole-space detection and high precision tracking to slow and small target, and adopt net interception to implement counter effect of forced landing and expelling, the maximum disposal distance can be up to 3km.


The anti drone system adopt military radar detection and photoelectric detection technology, which can achieve whole-space detection and high precision tracking to drone of blacking fly. The application mainly including airport, prison, chemical industrial park, and military forbidding zone, the effective supervision and disposal of unmanned aerial vehicles will ensure the safety of low air.

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