Advantages, Disadvantages And Applications Of Open-Loop Fiber Gyroscope

Advantages, Disadvantages And Applications Of Open-Loop Fiber Gyroscope
Oct 04, 2019

It can be seen from the above that the optical intensity signal detected by the optical fiber gyro of the open-loop detection signal is directly used as a rotation after being amplified and converted.

The measurement signal of the angular velocity. Since the light intensity and the phase shift are sinusoidal, all output characteristics are obviously nonlinear, and the phase shift cannot be zeroed.

The range of states is small. In addition, the output signal is affected by changes in the intensity of the light source and the gain of the output amplifier, and it is difficult to obtain high precision.

However, open-loop fiber optic gyroscopes are relatively simple and easy to implement because of their relatively simple optical path, so they are reliable in performance and low in cost, and their output is nonlinear.

Can be tested, using segmentation calibration or using list method, inverse sine function and polynomial method to correct, so as to get better loss

Out of the characteristics. In the 1990s, this open-loop gyroscope was first developed successfully, and its comprehensive performance was superior, achieving the requirements of medium and low precision.

Various fields of military and civilian use are widely used.

According to reports, the US Honeywell Company produced 9000 open-loop fiber optic gyroscopes in the 1990s, Andrew Corporation of the United States,

Japan’s Hitachi and JAE companies, Germany’s SEL companies are making a large number of open-loop fiber optic gyroscopes.

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