Yutu Was Successfully Awakened For The Fourth Time And Served For 90 Days.

At the beginning of 2019, Yutu No. 2, China launched the first probe car on the back of the moon, and it was also the first human exploration of the back of the moon. Prior to this, the Yutu was an exploration of the front of the moon. After two years of service in the temperature difference of 340 degrees on the moon, it stopped forever on the moon.

Recently, China once again awakened Yutu No. 2, which is the fourth time to wake up. Why use wake up? Because the service period of the original Yutu No. 2 has also reached the limit, but still insist on overdue service, and has completed three months of work. Of course, the previous two years of comparison with the Yutu No. 2 was slightly insufficient, but there was a big catch-up. Compared with the US opportunity number 5,500 days of service over Mars, there is still a big gap. But we can also see that China’s space technology is catching up step by step.

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