Yutu No. 2 Returns The Latest Photos

At the beginning of this year, China’s Yutu No. 2 successfully landed on the moon and created the first man to land on the back of the moon. This also means that China’s space industry is about to enter a new stage. Yutu No. 2 successfully landed on the back of the moon and has important value for studying the moon and the earth in China. The moon back can shield the earth’s wireless signal interference. China can launch low-frequency radio astronomical observations here to fill the gaps in related fields, and also provide information for studying other planets outside the solar system.

Therefore, since Yulu No. 2 realized the landing on the back of the moon, it has received much attention from the world. Recently, the new development of Yutu No. 2 has once again triggered the attention of the world. At the same time, it also triggered the world’s discussion about the United States landing on the moon.

On September 3, foreign media reported that Yutu No. 2 found new substances on the moon. Judging from the photos taken by Yutu No. 2, a surface resembling a small crater on the surface of the moon has a different color and luster than the surface of the moon. After testing, the researchers believe that this gelatinous substance is likely to be the molten glass produced by the impact of meteorites.

When most people’s attention stayed on this gelatinous substance, the attention of many British people shifted. Some British people noticed that the photo taken by Yutu No. 2 on the moon showed that the lunar ground was slightly reddish, while the photos taken in the United States were gray. Moreover, the Yutu No. 2 lunar rover passed through the surface of the moon and can see many holes of different sizes. The photos taken in the United States were very flat. Therefore, many British netizens have re-moved the “conspiracy theory” of the United States on the moon, and regarded this as a real hammer for the US “falsification.”

It is worth noting that as early as 47 years ago, American astronaut Harrison Schmidt brought back an orange soil from the moon. After testing, the US lunar geologists determined that it was 3.64 billion years ago, a volcanic eruption. And formed. From this point of view, the United States has the technology of landing on the moon. Therefore, the conspiracy theory of the “fake” on the Internet, which has been rumored on the Internet for a long time, is only speculation by some netizens.

Regardless of whether the US landing on the moon is “falsification”, it is certain that China is currently in a leading position in this field, and the successful landing of Yutu No. 2 will bring more possibilities to China.

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