Yuanwang No. 7 Successfully Completed The High-altitude Satellite Maritime Monitoring And Control Mission

At 02:51 on October 5th, Beijing time, China used the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to successfully launch the high-altitude 10 satellite and the satellite entered the scheduled orbit. About 16 minutes after the launch of the rocket, the Yuanwang 7 ship in a certain area of the Indian Ocean discovered the target in time, captured and tracked stably, and the data acquisition was effective. The external measurement, telemetry and remote control tasks of the high-scoring satellite 10 were successfully completed. , providing important support for the satellite to enter the scheduled orbit.

The mission is the second maritime monitoring and control mission completed by Yuanwang No. 7 ship since its flight on September 12. After completing the Beidou-3 MEO10 satellite maritime monitoring and control mission, Yuanwang No. 7 quickly rushed to the scheduled mission area, scientifically responding to the realistic challenges of long sea time, short mission interval, and high personnel pressure. For the first time in our ship, at the high latitude of the Indian Ocean, Difficulties in performing tasks in harsh sea areas, solidly carrying out technical exchange dialogue on multi-target measurement and control technology status test verification methods, comprehensively understanding the technical status, ensuring the elimination of technical blind spots; strictly organizing software pre-war confirmation tests, equipment pre-war performance index tests, technical status check Comprehensive review and review of the status of the test to ensure that the status is accurate and effective; use the full-element, full-process, no advance notice to carry out the actual operation assessment, pay close attention to the evaluation of the pre-war test ability of key personnel, and comprehensively test the test ability; We will comprehensively grasp the quality, strive to win the victory, and then deepen the special quality of the topic, carry out special quality supervision of task preparation, and comprehensively control the key processes of task preparation.

In addition, they are in the heart of the ocean to the motherland, insisting on using the spirit of the event to unify their thoughts, build consensus, boost morale, and carry out the “I and the motherland grow together” speech contest, and continue to set off my heart and soul in my motherland. upsurge. Organize the “Deck Dance”, the Sea Fun Games, the excellent film exhibition, the collective birthday party and other cultural activities with Haitian characteristics, constantly enriching the sea culture life of the participants and alleviating the mental stress. The convening of the “I am going to sail for the motherland” organization life meeting, “please rest assured the motherland” task mobilization meeting, constantly motivating the sense of pride of the mission staff’s sense of pride.

It is understood that the high score 10 satellite is mainly used in the fields of national census, urban planning, land confirmation, land network design, crop yield estimation and disaster prevention and mitigation. After Yuanwang 7 completed the sea monitoring and control mission, it will return to full speed.

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