Yuanwang No. 5 Ship And Yuanwang No. 7 Ship Sail At The Same Time

At 9 o’clock on the 10th, with two loud whistle sounds, Yuanwang No. 5 and Yuanwang No. 7 sailed away from the dock of China Satellite Maritime Monitoring and Control Department and went to different sea areas of the Indian Ocean. They planned to implement five satellites such as Beidou No.3. Marine monitoring and control tasks. The simultaneous departure of the two ships means that all of the six ships of the Yuanwang fleet are currently performing their duties outside, which also marks the end of the 2019 annual marine monitoring and control mission of the Yuanwang fleet.

The Yuanwang fleet consists of four aerospace ocean survey vessels, Yuanwang No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, and No. 7, and two rocket carriers, Yuanwang 21 and No. 22.

Up to now, the Yuanwang fleet has accumulated more than 400 days of offshore operations and safely sailed more than 100,000 nautical miles this year. It has completed 13 satellite maritime monitoring and control tasks such as the Beidou satellite series, and is carrying out the Long March 5 remote three rocket maritime transport mission. In addition, Yuanwang No. 7 is the command ship of China’s first solid rocket launching technology test mission, and has successfully completed many tasks such as marine command, rocket tracking measurement and mission support.

Before the departure, Yuanwang No. 5 and Yuanwang No. 7 each carried out a series of task preparations, including material replenishment, equipment maintenance, performance index test, technical status check, etc. Practical problems such as short effective preparation time, frequent changes in technical status, and difficulty in risk management and control, highlighting targeted preparations and continuously enhancing the competency of post personnel.

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