Yuanwang No. 3 Ushers In The Annual Closing Battle

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Yuanwang 3 has sailed for 136 days, successfully completed 5 maritime measurement and control tasks, and sailed safely for more than 32,000 nautical miles. This time Yuanwang No. 3 boat only rested in the home port for 11 days before sailing again.

“The preparation time for this voyage is only 11 days. After the voyage, it will perform two measurement and control tasks. It faces the practical difficulties of cross-work and parallel coordination. At the same time, the voyage mission has a new rocket status, a new satellite platform, and a new measurement ship position. Monitoring and control technology and emergency response put forward higher requirements. “Dong Xiangkui, secretary of the party committee of Yuanwang 3, told reporters.

In view of the above, before the voyage, all crew members have overcome the adverse effects of short docking time, and carried out solid risk hazard analysis and comprehensive maintenance test of equipment dynamic performance, laying a solid foundation for foolproof missions and winning the annual mission.

It is reported that at present, all the space measurement vessels affiliated to the China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department have gone out to sea to provide measurement and control support for subsequent launch missions.

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