Yuanwang 7 Successfully Completed The ‘High Score 12’ Space Measurement And Control Mission

At 07:51 on November 28th Beijing time, China successfully launched the Gaofen 12 satellite into the orbit with the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. About 17 minutes after the rocket was launched, the Yuanwang 7 ship in a certain area of the Indian Ocean found the target in time. The capture and tracking were stable and the data acquisition was effective. The high-level No. 12 satellite three-level second flight segment to the orbiting segment was successfully completed. Rocket and satellite measurement and control provide important support.

This mission is the first maritime measurement and control mission completed by Yuanwang 7 since it set sail on November 10. Since the voyage, Yuanwang No. 7 rushed to the scheduled task area at full speed, scientifically responded to the realistic challenges such as long time to sea and high pressure on personnel. In view of the difficulties and difficulties in carrying out tasks in the mid-latitudes of the Indian Ocean and harsh seas, the characteristics and difficulties were developed and the technical status changed. Analyze technical exchanges and dialogues, thoroughly understand the state of technology, and ensure that technical blind spots are eliminated; conduct practical assessments with full elements, full processes, and no advance notice; pay close attention to the evaluation of post personnel capabilities, and comprehensively test and test capabilities; “Strive for success” special quality activity, carry out special quality supervision of task preparation, and comprehensively control the key process of task preparation.

It is understood that, as the only monitoring and control station on the sea, Yuanwang 7 has sailed more than 5,000 nautical miles from the beginning of the voyage to the completion of the mission. Gaofen 12 satellite is mainly used to carry out agricultural land census and related technical tests. After the Yuanwang No. 7 ship completes the maritime monitoring and control mission, it will temporarily suspend its rest in Suva Port, Fiji.

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