What Are The Four Requirements For A Tactical Missile For A Gyroscope In A MEMS Inertial Sensor?

As a kind of MEMS inertial sensor, MEMS gyroscope has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast start-up, high reliability, low price, easy mass production, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can be widely used in anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft. Guided weapons such as tank missiles, portable missiles, and air-guided bombs. So, what are the application requirements of tactical missiles for MEMS gyroscopes?

Miniaturization, low power requirements

Requirements for guidance accuracy

Environmental adaptability requirements

Low cost requirements

According to the accuracy of the gyroscope, 90% of the US military’s guided weapons in 2020 will be divided into four levels: strategy, navigation, tactics and business. At present, the accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes is mainly applied to military fields such as tactical missiles, medium and short range guidance, flight control, smart ammunition, etc., mainly used for navigation guidance, attitude measurement and stability control.

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