‘Tianwen-1’ Mars Rover Has Flown More Than 8 Million Kilometers Away From Earth

It was learned from the National Space Administration’s Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center that as of 23:20 on August 19, the “Tianwen-1” Mars rover was about 8.23 million kilometers away from the Earth, and its condition was normal.

It is reported that starting at 22:20 on August 19, the Mars magnetometer, mineral spectrum analyzer, high-resolution camera, and medium-resolution camera on the orbiter will complete self-checks in turn to confirm that the equipment is in normal condition. Among them, the medium and high-resolution cameras will be responsible for imaging the Martian surface, and conducting research on the topography and geological structure of the Martian surface; the Martian magnetometer will be mainly responsible for detecting the Martian space magnetic environment; the Martian mineral spectrometer will be used to analyze Martian minerals Composition and distribution.


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