Three Major Changes In China In 2020

2020 has arrived. For the new year, many countries will formulate new development policies, and some countries are also very happy to predict what will happen in some countries in the next year. No, the U.S. think tank recently predicted three major events that could happen in China in 2020, namely the domestic aircraft carrier ’s combat power will advance by leaps and bounds, the Chang’e 5 moon landing experiment, and a key step in Mars detection.

2020 is another new beginning of the 21st century. Similarly, 2020 is also a big year for China. If the changes predicted by the think tank will undoubtedly enhance China’s comprehensive strength, it will also make China’s international status. Get improved. First look at the first change. We all know that the Shandong ship will be in service at the end of 2019. Although the aircraft carrier has been delivered to the army, there is still a way to go to form a combat force, and 2020 will be the most critical year for domestic aircraft carriers. Through the transfer of experienced soldiers from the Liaoning ship, the Shandong ship will quickly form a combat force. For the Chinese navy, if the Shandong ship can assume a large role in 2020, then we are one step closer to the goal of deep blue.

China will also make a new progress in the field of aerospace. In 2020, China will officially launch the Chang’e 5 lunar explorer. Chang’e 5 is not an ordinary lunar orbiter, nor is it an ordinary lunar lander. The report shows that Chang’e 5 It will land on the moon from the northwestern part of the moon, and then carry out a series of explorations and experiments on the surface of the moon, and then return to Earth with samples collected from the surface of the moon. Chang’e-5 is China’s first lunar explorer with a return function, regardless of Success or failure will accumulate enough experience for our future manned moon landing program.

In addition to the Chang’e 5 moon landing, we will also explore Mars, and Mars exploration will be a focus of China ’s space exploration. In 2020, China will officially launch a challenge to Mars. In the first stage, we will conduct a general investigation of Mars. , To explore if there has been life on Mars, and to arrange various minerals on Mars, you must know that Mars is farther away than the moon, which means that exploring Mars is much more difficult than exploring the moon, if This task can be successfully completed, and the strength of China’s aerospace industry will be recognized by more people.

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