The Xichang Satellite Launch Center Has Successfully Concluded Its 2020 Launch Mission

The Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China’s Xichang carried out a high-density space launch mission in the second half of this year with five victories, as the high energy Electromagnetic Counterpart of gravitational wave storm blasted off early Thursday morning.

The mission is also the final battle of the xichang Launch Site’s annual high-density launch mission.

Zhang Xueyu, director of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, said, “Since the beginning of this year, all the scientific and technological personnel at the Xichang launch center have been working towards the battle against the epidemic and toward the sky. They have been adhering to the first standard and have full confidence in completing the launch mission well, bringing the whole year to a successful conclusion.”

In order to complete the task successfully, the center has always been carefully organized and carried out, making every effort to ensure success.On the basis of the successful launch of the Long March 11 in the first half of this year, they sent personnel to taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to learn from the maritime launch mission of this type of rocket and participate in the factory test of the rocket, which continuously strengthened the theoretical basis and practical operation ability of the participants.In addition, in the process of task implementation, they also strictly implement quality standards, process control, double thinking, pre-shift meeting, “double post four inspection” and other systems to ensure correct state setting, clear operating principles, coordination and matching of actions.

“The launch is at a crucial stage of a decisive battle, and the timing is special, significant and inevitable.””Since its establishment 50 years ago, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center has been equipped with the capability to launch the Long March series of carrier rockets with more than 10 configurations, making it China’s space launch center with the strongest launch capacity, the most launches and the highest launch density,” said Dong Chongqing, party secretary of the center.

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