The Worldwild Satellite Navigation

Satellite navigation and location service industry is an emerging industry that has rapidly emerged in the global information technology wave. It is regarded as the third most promising IT industry after mobile communication and the Internet. With the globalization of economy and the acceleration of the global information process, satellite navigation and location service industry has become an important breakthrough point for the major countries in the world to seize a new strategic commanding heights.

Satellite Navigation

At present, the world’s mature satellite navigation system has three kinds:the United States GPS system, Russia’s GLONASS system, China’s COMPASS (beidou) system, Europe’s Galileo system.China’s satellite navigation and location service industry is coming to a new stage of development with the steady construction of Beidou satellite navigation system.

The navigation satellite is a spacecraft that provides navigation signals and data for aerospace, aviation, navigation, various missiles, ground forces, and even civilian use. Its application is almost infinite and has become a modern navigation tool.

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