The ‘Striver’ Deep-sea Manned Submersible Was Officially Delivered

In order to promote the deepwater warrior “and” strivers “manned submersible deep pit in our country scientific research, Marine resources investigation and emergency salvage work play a bigger role, in the early” deep sea warrior “3 years efficient operations, open sharing based on the work, with tongji university, guangzhou Marine geological survey, and a number of seminars to discuss cooperation unit in sun yat-sen university, Chinese Academy of Sciences by established the deep deep warrior” and “strivers” manned submersible USES scientific steering committee, Jian know Min professor of tongji university, director of the first committee.

It is understood that this committee will be committed to serving the “Deep Sea Warrior” and “Striver” manned submersible users and expert groups, to build a “Deep Sea Warrior” and “Striver” manned submersible scientific application of communication and exchange platform;To guide the technological upgrading and operational capabilities of the Deepwater Warrior and the Striver manned submersives, and to expand their application potential in frontier scientific research and other fields in the deep ocean;To promote international cooperation on manned deep-sea submersivesand promote multidisciplinary integration and application of academic communities.


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