The New Generation Of Medium Launch Vehicles Has Been Added To The Family

The successful launch of the Chang-7A, or Long March 7, marks the beginning of China’s launch of A new generation of carrier rockets in 2021, and marks the addition of A new member of the new generation of medium carrier rockets.

Chang 7 A rocket is A three-stage and A half rocket formed on the basis of Long March 7 rocket and three sub-stages of Chang 3 A series rocket, which is the main configuration of A new generation of medium carrier rocket.With A full arrow length of 60.1 meters and A takeoff weight of 573 tons, the Chang 7A rocket has A carrying capacity of no less than 7 tons to geosynchronous transfer orbit, and is capable of launching into high-orbit, such as zero-inclination orbit and lunar orbit.

At present, China’s main carrier rocket with high orbit launch capability is capable of sending 5.5-ton payloads to geosynchronous transfer orbit.The successful development of the Chang 7A rocket has filled the gap of China’s carrier rocket carrying capacity of geosynchronous transfer orbit (GEO) of 5.5 to 7 tons.

“The successful launch of the Chang-7A rocket has further enriched the Long March family of carrier rockets, not only realizing the replacement of China’s medium carrier rockets, but also strongly driving and driving the upgrading of China’s future large and medium satellites, which is of great significance to the development of China as A space power.”Changqi A rocket commander-in-chief Meng Gang said.


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