The Long March 5B Carrier Rocket Plans To Fly In 2020

In the 1990s, at the beginning of the manned spaceflight project, the project management mode of “general command and chief designer” was established. Two administrative and technical lines were set up at the engineering level, and the chief designer was appointed. The deputy chief designer, established the joint command system of the chief commander and chief designer, formed a matrix organization management system of “horizontal to the side, vertical and the end”, and embarked on a road of major scientific and technological engineering development with distinctive Chinese characteristics.

More than 20 years of exploration and practice have proved that the selection of the master system is a major event in the long-term development of the project. The chief designer of the project is the general manager of the engineering technology line, and is the “leading geese” of the entire line of scientific and technological talents. The chief engineer system of the project is mainly responsible for the work of engineering technology, overall design and technical management. It plays an important role in the first and second steps of China’s manned spaceflight project, in order to realize the dream of the Chinese nation’s millennium and promote space. The cause of the country is making outstanding contributions.

As China’s manned space flight enters the “space station era”, the scale of the project is getting larger and larger, the task density is getting higher and higher, and the orbital time is getting longer and longer. The engineering and technical workload, technical difficulty and technical risk will increase several times. Aerospace The long-term on-orbit work of the crew members will become the norm, and the new space science achievements will face new challenges. The innovative selection and appointment mode and the enrichment of the chief designer team will become a major reform in the development of engineering construction.

After thorough investigation and analysis, the chief designer and deputy chief designer of the manned spaceflight project changed from appointment to appointment, and at the same time, major adjustments and optimization of the overall designer system management model and the overall designer team structure and strength were carried out. Adhere to the selection of chief designers and deputy chief designers for all departments and departments of the project. The sources cover the overall project as well as astronauts, space stations, spacecraft, launch vehicles, space applications, launch sites, measurement and control communications, etc. Better play the overall “leading” role of the project; in particular, the first appointment of the chief expert of space science, which is an inevitable requirement for the application of the project into the new era of application, highlighting the firm confidence of China in accelerating the development of space science applications, marking the management of engineering technology and Space science research has entered a new phase.

According to reports, at present, the development and construction of China’s space station is progressing steadily, and the entire project is actively preparing for high-density missions. It is planned to implement the training and first flight mission of the Long March 5 B launch vehicle launch site in 2020, aiming to build the Chinese themselves around 2022. Space station.

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