The Laser Defense System Destroys The UAV In 10 Seconds

According to reports from the Chinese military “Chinese military network”, the CCP completed the actual test-fire of the UAV attack on a field test site on the outskirts of Beijing on November 26. In the radar to find the target, optical lock the target, fired the laser in less than 10 seconds after the invasion of the UAV destroyed.

According to on-site experts, the system can effectively manage the consumption of UAVs flying at low altitudes up to 600 meters, while its distribution of kilowatt-level lasers can effectively protect low-altitude, slow-speed, small targets UAVs of the Red Zone. It can be used as hard-kill means of air defense.

It is worth noting that this year’s ROC has taken place on the National Day of the Republic of China as a result of the incapacitated persons flying pontoon slogans outside the control area and successfully interdicting the no-sailing area of the Presidential Office, causing serious damage to the country’s image. According to reports, the ground close defense clearance system is a common scientific and technological achievements of the general military and civilian areas of the CPC, integrating a number of advanced technologies in the control of UAVs, integrating radar search, infrared detection, spectrum monitoring, visible light tracking and more By using various means such as electronic countermeasures, photoelectric interference, and laser wrecking, it is able to control and effectively control low-altitude, slow-moving and small targets such as UAVs, airborne balloons, sky lights and the like, and can be widely applied to important Military facilities, transport hubs, major events prohibited area defense. In 2017, in the four comprehensive tests of Anti-UAV defence system conducted in mainland China, the close-range head-on defense system achieved excellent results.

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