The GPS Module Is Used For Bird Migration Tracking

Though the global satellite positioning system to track bird migration, to study its migration time,route,migration through the ground and other information.this is not only important for the conservation of bird source, and for natural resources and climate change have a lot of research reference, but also can provide the science basis for the prevention of bird collision and the spread of epidemics.

The most urgent task of protecting global birds is to identify their ecological need in breeding grounds, transit stations, wintering. Traditional studies methods on bird migration, such as ring-ring and radar-tracking, are simple and easy to use, but the results depend on long-term monitoring and poor recovery, and can not achieve remarkable results in the short-time, need long-term continuation of the study. While satellite positioning tracking technology has a wide range of tracking, long time span, can accurately the obtain tracked objects’ migration time,migration site and migration route and other biological data, and can be combined with the research object itself and its character of dependent environment to protect the design of species.

Birds track a more mature technology for the PTT (platform transmitter terminal), the main satellite transmitter, satellite receiver and ground receiving station composed of three parts.

Satellite receiving machine is mainly to achieve the data reception and acquisition, and then send the signal data to the ground station. The ground receiving station prepares the received data for preliminary processing, calculates and converts the longitude and latitude coordinates that can be used directly by the researcher, and transmits the data to the user via the Internet. Using the satellite data obtained from the migration study, the researchers can also get the migration time, migration speed, migration distance, important stop transfer station, new wintering land and breeding ground.

This application can be extended to any animal tracking research, with satellite positioning, communications, sensors and Internet of things such as the development of the future of our animal characteristics and ecological chain research more convenient, accurate and efficient.

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