The Current Trend Of MEMS

Micromechanical MEMS is the abbreviation of Micro Electro Mechanical systems, namely microelectromechanical systems.Microelectronic mechanical system (MEMS) technology is based on micro/nanotechnology based on cutting-edge technologies in the 21st century. It refers to the micro/nano material design, processing, manufacturing, measurement and control technology. It can integrate mechanical components, optical systems, drive parts and electronic control systems into a single unit of Microsystems.This micro-electromechanical system can not only collect, process and transmit information or instructions, but also act according to the information obtained or in accordance with external instructions.It uses microelectronics technology and micro processing technology (including silicon silicon micromachining, surface micromachining, journalist on and wafer bonding technology) with the combination of manufacturing technology, to create a variety of excellent performance, low cost, miniaturization of sensors, actuators, drives and micro system.Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) is a new multidisciplinary technology developed in recent years, which will revolutionize the future of human life. It involves many subjects such as machinery, electronics, chemistry, physics, optics, biology and materials.

Fiber Optic Gyroscope

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