The Construction Of China’s Space Station Will Move Into The Implementation Phase

The Tianhe core module and Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft developed by the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation have completed various development, production and testing work. The technical status and quality of the development process are under control, the system indirect port matching and coordination, risk identification and control measures are effective, and each function and performance meet the overall requirements of the project.The core module mission product of the space application system has completed the prototype development, the technical state is under control, the indirect port of the system is coordinated, and the ground research and matching tests of scientific experiments are smooth.

According to China’s space station construction plan, 11 space missions will be carried out this year and next, including three space station module launches, four cargo launches and four manned spacecraft launches. By 2022, the space station will be in orbit, fulfilling the third step of the three-step development strategy of China’s manned space program.The main systems, including the space station, the core module, the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft, and the core module mission of the space application system, have completed the factory review, marking that the construction of the space station will soon begin its mission implementation phase.

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