The BeiDou 3 Navigation Satellite

At 19:45 on November 5, Xichang Satellite Launch Center, the Long March III B carrier rocket fired two Beidou navigation satellites successfully using the “double bow” approach. These two satellites belong to the Central Earth Orbit Satellite, which is the first and second group of satellite satellites of Beidou 3. Successful orbit, marking the beginning of the global networking Beidou satellite navigation system.

Beidou navigation satellites

Positioning accuracy of 1 to 2 times, will provide civilian users free of charge about 10 meters of precision positioning services

The two Beidou III satellites successfully launched and into the orbit, after testing and network verification, can provide services. As a starting point for the global networking, BeiDou system will also truly play a role in the global satellite navigation system and accelerate the service of Beidou system around the world.

China will usher in a new round of high-density satellite Beidou satellite launch. According to the plan, by the end of 2018, 18 Beidou 3 satellites will be launched to cover countries along the “Belt and Road”; by 2020, more than 30 satellite satellites will be launched to achieve global service capability.

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