The Application Of Near-bit Geological Guidance System In Shengli Drilling Institute Is Successful

Recently, the 43/4-inch near-bit geological guidance system developed by shengli oilfield drilling institute has been successfully applied in the field of ying17-inclined 82 well, marking another new step in the promotion and application of the instrument.

Victory bo feng near-bit geosteering system (SLBF – MRC) is the shengli oilfield drilling hospital depends on the national 863 project “key techniques of logging while drilling core probe” made a great technological achievements, the system with more depth of electromagnetic wave resistivity measuring instrument as the core, to integrate the hole deviation and azimuth gamma together, connected to the power tool, the traditional MWDS measuring instrument, has realized the integration of engineering and geological parameters measurement.Compared with the conventional induction resistivity, this system can measure 2 resistivity curves at different depths while drilling, which is beneficial to the early detection of oil layers during drilling and can effectively improve the drilling encounter rate of oil layers.The zero length of deviation measurement is shortened from about 19 meters to about 9 meters, which is beneficial for directional engineers to more accurately predict wellbore trajectory parameters at the bottom of the well, thus ensuring the success rate of trajectory control. At the same time, the top inclination of the screw and the near-bit inclination can be checked to improve the measurement accuracy.

In 2012, shengli oilfield drilling institute successfully developed and applied the geological guidance system of 63/4 inch in diameter near-bit, which was highly praised by drilling companies.However, due to its diameter limitation, it can only meet the requirement of large-diameter borehole measurement.In order to meet the precise measurement of small size borehole, drilling institute technicians overcome the small space, flexible, small mud flow path, and other small size of instrument production, sealing problems, successfully developed a 43/4 inch MRC instrument.On December 21, 2013, the 43/4-inch diameter near-bit geological guidance system was successfully applied in ying17-inclined 82 well in shengli oilfield. The measuring interval was from 1998 m to 2290 m, and the drilling time was 86 hours.The measuring accuracy, dynamic range, resolution, drill collar structure and sealing performance of the instrument reach the international advanced level by comparing with the adjacent well and cable logging data.

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