The 45th Satellite Of The Beidou System Was Successfully Launched Into The Air

Today, when we searched for the word “Beidou” on the Internet, we were greeted by the Beidou satellite navigation system built by China. In addition to the intensive launch of Beidou navigation satellites and the implementation of global networking, there are more news about the application of Beidou navigation system in different regions and different fields around the world. Undoubtedly, these news all illustrate a problem: that China’s “Beidou” is moving toward a new journey.

Not long ago, the 45th satellite of China’s Beidou satellite navigation system was successfully launched, and the 10th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference was also held in a few days. According to Wang Zhaoyao, chairman of the China Satellite Navigation System Committee, China will launch 6-8 Beidou-3 navigation satellites this year; by 2020, it will build a world-class satellite navigation system. It can be said that the rapid construction of the Beidou system is pushing the Chinese navigation industry to achieve “counterattacks.”

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