Successful Trial Of The Long March 9 Heavy-duty Launch Vehicle Engine

On March 24th, the 500-ton liquid-oxygen kerosene engine gas generator-turbine pump linkage test developed by the Sixth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Co., Ltd. was a complete success, marking the key technical research and solutions for China’s 500-ton heavy-duty launch vehicle engine. Deepen the argument to achieve the expected goals and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent development of heavy-duty launch vehicle engineering.

At present, China has mastered the key technologies of liquid oxygen kerosene and liquid oxygen liquid hydrogen engine, and achieved the success of the first flight of the Long March 5, Long March 6 and Long March 7 new generation series of launch vehicles. Materials and new processes have laid the foundation for the development of heavy-duty launch vehicle engines. Further development of larger thrust liquid oxygen kerosene engines and liquid oxygen liquid hydrogen engines is in line with China’s national conditions. It is the continuation and development of China’s space power system and will satisfy China’s manned landing on the moon. And the need for deep space exploration and launching of major space activities such as large space stations will enhance China’s ability to enter space.

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