Strengthen Oversight Of The Drone Market

At present, in the face of the phenomenon of “black fly” in the UAV market, all parties are actively seeking ways to rectify the “black fly” of the UAV.

unmanned aerial vehicles

On the one hand, the government actively introduced relevant policies to standardize the UAV market and stepped up supervision and management of the UAVs. In May this year, it implemented the real name registration of the UAVs registration system and formally implemented it since June 1, and now there is already more The implementation of this policy in all the regions enabled the effective control of private drones. The current policy has been implemented with good results. Since the policy was implemented, there has been no “black fly” incident with the drone, and the supervision of the drone industry has been further improved .

On the other hand, people are extremely averse to the phenomenon of “flying black” by unmanned aerial vehicles and are trying their best to supervise the masses. They found that the “black fly” phenomenon of unmanned aerial vehicles was actively reported, and the supervision and management of the national drones market were in full force. Machine industry played a very good role.

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