Stratolaunch Slashed Its Workforce And Plans For Rocket Development

Stratolaunch, which boasts the world’s largest airplane and targets airborne rockets, was created seven years ago by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who invested a lot of money in it.But with the loss of Paul Allen, Stratolaunch was unable to raise as much money as it had before, so it announced 50 job cuts and halted plans to develop its own rocket, three to the right of the main image.

Has made the world’s largest aircraft, rocket is expected to carry “PGA (abbreviated name to Paul g. Allen)”, related taxi testing continues, and the first flight plan remains the same, but the rocket carrying the relevant development plan, is met by ks, future PGA will only launch Northrop Grumman developed Pegasus XL (Lord left one).Stratolaunch’s biggest advantage is that it can not restricted to launch, the freedom to choose to launch latitude and orbital inclination, more not because the weather also affect the emission (just airport allowed), so there should be a lot of military or government satellites are interested in it, but in lowland rail launch Pegasus XL only 443 kg, without the development of new special rockets, this greatly limits the Stratolaunch plane is practical,It also makes the existence of Stratolaunch’s scheme somewhat ambiguous.

In some ways, it also points to the delicate position in which the commercial rocket industry, now driven by billionaire financiers, finds itself.SpaceX may have lost most of its enterprise if it lost Musk, but at least the company’s survival should not be a problem.But if Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic now lose Bezos and Branson, they may have to close their doors.One can only hope that the commercial space industry will soon be able to stand on its own two feet and thrive, free from dependence on particular people.

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