Soaring In Space For 2 Days And 9 Hours, The New Spacecraft Successfully Returned To The Ground!

At 13:49 on May 8, 2020, China Aerospace Engineering reported good news that the return capsule of China’s new generation manned spacecraft test vessel successfully landed with the help of three large deceleration parachutes and several shock-absorbing airbags In the predetermined area of the Dongfeng landing site, the flight test mission of the new-generation spacecraft test ship was a complete success! The new spacecraft test ship was developed by the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology and completed a series of space science and technology tests.

The successful launch of a new generation of spacecraft and its successful return to Earth after orbiting space means that China ’s space industry has taken a big step toward a new spacecraft and space station. This launch was successfully recovered and the new generation of “Long March 5b” heavy After comprehensive tests on the design and manufacture of launch vehicles and a new generation of spacecraft, they have finally achieved satisfactory results. The “first cannon in 2021” was officially launched!

The new spacecraft has withstood the test of time and returned safely and accurately, thanks to the photographer who launched the Long March 5b carrier rocket, which made Long March 5b successfully enter the first stage of orbit. Long March 5b is now the world ’s most The powerful single-stage launch vehicle has a maximum low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of 25 tons. The most important thing is that the Long March 5 heavy launch vehicle family is back on track. This time, Long March 5 b carried a new spacecraft and an inflatable Returning to the capsule, as a result, the new spacecraft successfully returned, and the inflatable return capsule suffered setbacks and did not get full marks, but it landed safely in the intended landing zone, and the data was intact, although the new thermal design was not completely successful.


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