Six To Eight Beidou No. 3 Navigation Satellites Will Be Launched This Year

Qi Chengqi, director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office, introduced that from November 5, 2017 to November 19, 2018, China completed the ultra-high-density launch of the “10 Arrows and 19 Stars” system of the Beidou No. 3 system in one year. A miracle in the history of world space. On December 27, 2018, the Beidou system officially provided global services. At present, the Beidou system has a total of 38 satellites in orbit, including 18 Beidou-2 satellites and 20 Beidou-3 satellites, which jointly provide services to users around the world.

Qi Chengqi said that in addition to launching 6 to 8 Beidou-3 satellites this year, it plans to launch two to four Beidou-3 satellites next year, and complete the construction of the Beidou No.3 system by the end of 2020, when the global short message communication will be realized. International search and rescue and other service capabilities continue to provide better services to users around the world. It is reported that China is currently promoting a regional short message service platform to promote the integration of short messages and mobile communications, and further leverage the advantages of the Beidou system.

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