Six-Axis IMU Is Industry Ready

STMicroelectronics’ ISM330DLC six-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) extends the company’s family of ultra-low power MEMS sensors for industrial applications. Containing a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope with user-selectable full-scale up to ±16g and ±2000dps respectively, the ISM330DLC provides high measurement resolution and smart energy-saving features to enable long-lasting battery-powered industrial devices. Suitable for applications such as industrial IoT systems, robots, drones, platform stabilizers, and telematics, its accelerometer bandwidth up to 3 kHz also allows use in vibration-monitoring and compensation systems.


The ISM330DLC consumes 0.5 mA in normal combination mode and 0.75 mA in high-performance mode. Other features include a large integrated FIFO that lets the host system retrieve data efficiently, smart features and interrupts including tilt detection, free-fall, wakeup, 6D/4D orientation, click, and double-click. There is also a sensor-hub feature for collecting data from additional external sensors.

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