Sendet Horaman I Das Erste Bild Vom Mars Zurück In Die Vierte Phase Der Umlaufbahn, Für Die Eine Zweite Korrektur Durchgeführt Wurde

Country rush fire warrior “day ask a” came the latest news!China’s Tianwen 1 spacecraft ignited its engine at 20 am on February 5, completing the fourth midway orbit correction during the fire transfer phase to ensure the planned Mars capture.The China National Space Administration (CNSA) simultaneously released the first images of Mars from the Tien Wen 1 spacecraft.

Up to now, the spacecraft has been in orbit for about 197 days. It is about 184 million kilometers from the Earth and 1.1 million kilometers from Mars, with a flying distance of 465 million kilometers. The spacecraft’s systems are in good condition.

Earlier, the Tien-Wen 1 captured the first images of Mars from a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers.It is reported that this is a trial shot, for the Chinese probe to take the first images of Mars.The iconic features of the Martian Plains of Acidalia, Cruiser, Meridian Plateau, Schiaparelli Crater and the longest canyon, the Valley of the Hand, are visible in the image.

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