Safe And Easy To Use Chinese Chip

For 18 years, Beijing shenzhou longxin integrated circuit design co., ltd. has been making efforts to create independently controllable, safe, reliable and easy-to-use chips in China. Its products have been applied in many national advanced and sophisticated projects, and its stable operation so far has been without errors, escorting the national information security.

Starting from 2018, “China chip” after “China chip” will flash in front of the public, with great scene but little context. However, in an unassuming office building in zhongguancun, Beijing, a company that started with the national “863” major project of the institute of computing science and technology of the Chinese academy of sciences has been working hard for 18 years to create Chinese chips that are autonomous, controllable, safe, reliable and easy to use. The fully autonomous and controllable chip they have designed and developed has been applied in beidou satellite navigation system, China’s first cargo spacecraft “tianzhou-1”, large gas turbine and a series of national high and sophisticated major projects.

This enterprise is Beijing shenzhou longxin integrated circuit design co., LTD., the only one in China that can produce independently controllable industrial-grade chips with wide temperature range in a stable mass production. But it is also a company struggling to find a market for domestically made chips.

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